[SFX] [MUSIC] Exclusive yet affordable sound!

Hey guys! Name’s Max, I am a sound-designer and a music composer. I worked on a lot of projects in absolutely different spheres: video games, cartoons, commercials, logos and so on…

I love helping developers and now I have a HUGE discounts for making unique sound effects for your Projects. So even if your budget is lower than a limbo stick, contact me, we’ll figure something out ;)

So here’s a couple of my different-type works:

Sound effects and music for mobile game: YOUTUBE
Sounds for animation promo: YOUTUBE
Logo sounds: YOUTUBE
And various music of mine:
YOUTUBE Playlist

Thank you for your attention, have a nice day!

Sound-design for one of recent projects, great game “The Tarnishing of Juxtia” from great guys! (Their Twitter)
Original Soundtrack by Mario Parmesan.

SFX for the wonderful game called “Arcane Waters”. You can try Beta now on their website


The cutest game promo animation I made sound effects for!
For now… :wink:


One of my favorite sound design projects so far:

Sound Design and Music for a runner game in interesting setting (Wild West Steampunk! :)):


(Work In Progress)