[Share] 1641 instrumental music by Antti Luode

Copy pasting some awesome resources for visibility— Antti Luode has generously updated and shared 1641 instrumental pieces under Creative Commons 3.0.


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I have released my 1641 instrumental pieces free under creative commons 3.0 by (Free to use in your games, vlogs, films or what ever. Just credit me Antti Luode) (If you can not, that is fine too.)

As featured at rpgmaker:


As used in games:

Chicken Farm 2k17 (steam). Starship theory (Steam), Taphouse VR (steam), Park Bound (steam), Dominion Void by Forcebox Games, Space Colonizers Idle Clicker incremental (Android beta), Space Bob vs The Replicons (In development), Dot Hopper, Bubbles Pang (Android), Tiltroid (Android, early access), Timing Jump Jump and Colorfall (Anrdroid) and other web games. Plus games now in development…

As used by youtubers such as Kyle Le with 30 million views and 100k subs:


My Soundclick:


All songs on my Google drive (you can download them with one click by painting over the songs and then right clicking on one of the songs and choosing download) (I update this folder with each new instrumental piece)


Torrent with 1369 instrumentals:


Pass it around!

You need a bittorrent client to download the instrumentals in the torrent:


My blog where I release the songs and FLstudio project files for them:


If you want to donate money. Do so by pressing the paypal donate button at my blog:



Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gamedev/comments/89irke/i_have_released_my_1641_instrumental_pieces_free/

Hope this is helpful! :smiley: