Share a batch for building

Hi All. Now I spend hours to build. I talk about this problem here: Build for almost 3 hours with 16G memory

Not knowing how to save time, I find an alternative solution: PC building while I go to bed.
This is the batch file in dev directory:

WuEx1 is my project. Please replace it with yours.

echo =========== >> BuildAndOff.txt
echo BeginConfiguring >> BuildAndOff.txt
echo %time% >>BuildAndOff.txt
call lmbr_waf configure >>BuildAndOff.txt
echo BeginBuilding >>BuildAndOff.txt
echo %time% >>BuildAndOff.txt
call lmbr_waf build_win_x64_vs2019_profile -p WuEx1>>BuildAndOff.txt
echo Built >>BuildAndOff.txt
echo %time% >>BuildAndOff.txt
shutdown /s

Run this batch and check BuildAndOff.txt the next morning. :grin::grin:
By the way, in my country power is cheap in night.