Sharing cloud gem resources

Hi, I am trying to work off of a single resource deployment among my team member as well as multiple installs of LY on 2 separate machines that I own. I have yet to be able to figure out how to access the same resources without creating an entire new upload and deployment. To accomplish this task I thought perhaps I need to ‘import resources’ from within resource manager, however after selecting resources from a list I come to a ‘configuration’ window, that I cannot move past. Even after entering names for the resources, the import button remains grayed out. I am currently running 1.23, however I have attempted to use this since 1.18.

Any advice on how to accomplish this?


Hello pFaso,

You should not need to import any resources at all to do this. There’s a file called local-project-settings.json which controls what project stack you’re talking to on the back end when using the Editor. Then you just need to select the same deployment and make sure each team member has valid credentials to perform whatever actions you want them to be able to do . The file lives at dev//AWS/local-project-settings.json. The easiest thing to do is often going to be to add this file to source control.

For testing through the launcher you need “game mappings” which only know about things you’ve decided to expose to players in a given deployment. They’ll be called .player.awslogicalmappings.json and live in dev//config. More info can be found at

Hope that helps!

@CC_Brian thanks for this. Your advice worked. I simply copied over the dev//AWS/local-project-settings.json from one computer to my other at home and the resources mapped properly. Though the documentation you linked does include the information regarding mapping and this particular file, I do not believe it is clear as to following this step will allow a user to accomplish this task. I believe there could be a much simpler and clearer way to let users know and I will put it on my list to make a future PR.

Thanks again for the help.