Shots of all Major issues with Total Illumination i noticed

Total Illumination is very cool, but the way how it is set up comes with a lot of issues that makes lighting a scene too much of an art than a science ( set up lights without it and then simply switch it on never turn out the way you expect).

I put integration mode to 1 and set all the parameters that makes me get a visually appealing scene minimizing leakings.

  • The sun Bounces are too dim It needs 3 bounces and very hi Injection multiplier.

  • Sky at 3 bounces really goes everywhere and without proper settings unnecessary for other lights it leaks a lot.

  • Dynamic and Static Light Gi tested with a Point Light gives with just 1 bounce and injection multiplier at 1 1000 times the expected light with major leakes too + Dynamic lights comes with issues in the Shadowmap when totalIllumination is enabled.
    I tried to make a picture of what I expect compositing pictures from various settings and what I get with the actual unified settings.

  • A we can see the my expected results (naive composition of B + C with Gimp).

  • B the Sun + Sky contribution Injection multiplier at least at 5.

  • C Point Light contribution Injection multiplier at 0.001.

  • D the real in game composition of all the contributions with injection at 0.001 ( sun and sky almost inexistent) i cannot make sun more evident as it makes point light gi explode.

  • E the Point Light contribution With multiplier at 1 there is no sun there but sun at 1 is very dim compared to that point light.

I believe we need if possible

  • Different number of bounces for sky , sun and lights(lights with per light setting?!?).
  • Separated Sun and light injection multiplier and booster.
  • Way to tune things in realtime es Total Illumination Ebus to optimize parames for specific views.
  • Fix the environment probe contribution(buig just being tracked).
  • Alternatively a Gi Only light component to add to an entity with already a normal light with it’s own color and power and that leverages the same shadowmap as the normal light component.
    Shot of the shadowmap issue with dynamic GI

GI leaking of point light with Injection multiplier to 1.( Light in a hollow box with shadows on).

Thanks @Gamely. I’ve filed a bug on this one.