Should an UE4 noob switch over what seems to be a buggy Lumberyard?

After watching Lumberyard tutorials for two days, I have realized this might be a way better pipeline for the artist with no development experience, especially GameLift. However, installing and getting the thing to run has remained a major headache. I’ve also seen quite a bit of complaints about issues, and not sure if I’m computer savvy enough to enter the Lumberyard.

Another obstacle is what seems to be a non-present marketplace like in Unity and Unreal.

Having that said, I did manage to open the demo level once and got way better performance than with a similar scene in UE4.

But, is Lumberyard hard to get working and using? Is it stable and really as simple as the Amazon tutorials suggest?

I can blueprint, so it looks like an easy switch to make.



Well the engine has great lighting, and visual scripting and you should be able to get done with you did in UE4 via BP’s, though given nature of engine in Beta, I can’t say for sure.

As you can see, the community is too small for development work WHEN YOU NEED HELP, and that is my experience over many months, and as you can see your question has gone unanswered for a week- which on ue4 forums likely never would , although I"ve seen occasions where its occured there too.

Documentation could be better, but then UE4 suffers from that in some regards, and some UE4 featurs are also a bit buggy, viz : world comp- I know from experience,and getting answers on that is next to impossible. Everybody is busy, on all engines so one takes their luck, but overall I think Unity has the best answer to post ratio, given the size of community , I’m not entirey surprised,and I’m considering porting my UE4 there as a result. My feelings on LY are in thes same camp as they mean well, WHEN they respond to posts, yours and mine overlooked - not good, not whining, but those without DEEP pockets with tech knowledge NEED the help, sometimes. Maybe LY/Amazon is going through some growing pains ,who knows.

LY has alot of of promise, as at LEAST they have a working global illumination engine ( from cryengine I believe) , which UE4 does not ( for average,non rich consumer) given Unreal gave up on LPV for RTX, a tech your average Joe will not be able to afford, most likely as at least you must have a GTX 1080 I believe to handle the raytracing calls.

So its a mix as you can see.

I would prob. tell you to go ahead here, and you might have good luck depends on your tech experience but as a beginner,EY I’m not sure I can say go ahead.

I think it might be a matter of so many game engines, and bugs and too few community members for questions that may come up, like mine.

They are under no obligation to answer, obviously, but it does make ones incentive to stay and keep going and improving ones project, MUCH less enticing.


I Agree getting started seems to be hectic compared to others and i can assure you the team is working on how to best combat that (not an employee, i just reach out to them alot)

there is no store, but the way those things work, you should have no problem using those store to them bring in the assets into lumberyard. In that instance the only hurdle is the time consumption of transferring the assets.

like what @cajunctionAI said, the biggest obstacle is getting help when your stuck, the people will answer but its hit or miss cause everyones busy, and the team is knocking out engine buildings, testing, their own games etc… so these things will level out soon im sure as their team grows and the community grows.

One of the great things about LY is the component system, i can see that becoming a large library of things that get you up and running really quickly, look up how to create a ocean in UE4, and then realize thats is a component already ready-made for you and its quality which can be further extended with your own components if you know C++ or have no issue learning it!.

You can reach out to the discord where alot of us hang, you also can use my discord to as me as i do tutorials for the engine on my channel and have my own discord.

Good luck on your decision and your future projects!

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Hi Folks,

We are aware that getting the engine setup and running is a huge pain point and can be time consuming. We are actively working on improving these issues. This is an experience every customer will share when they are first introduced to Lumberyard and it should be a good first experience!

If you are new to game development, the learning curve will be pretty steep. If you are a seasoned game developer, you will be more accustomed to the issues that you encounter.

Every release things get incrementally better and overall I am hearing a lot of positives about Script Canvas, which is our visual scripting tool. The Component Entity system and Slices are also very powerful tools that I encourage everyone to explore.

One difficulty people have is that they are used to going through processes in tools that they are familiar with and need to learn how things are done differently in Lumberyard. As with any piece of software, the more time you spend with it the more comfortable you will become.

Please keep posting to the forums, it will take time but our community will grow and become more robust. The issues you post to the forums help us know what areas need some more attention.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy your journey exploring the software.

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