Should the StarterGame be with the main Lumberyard Installer or on its own?

Should the Starter Game be in its own download or with the main Lumberyard installer everyone gets the new versions from. I believe it should be on its own, but by the installer for newcomers that will see it when installing Lumberyard. It will take down the install time which I do not like a whole lot, and a few other people would like to see it drop a little as well. This is just my opinion, I want to here everyone else’s to see why you think it should stay with or without the main Lumberyard Installer. Thanks for your time! :+1:

I think the Starter Game is potentially quite interesting, and if they bring it up to date and start using it as the basis for more in-depth tutorials, that would give the engine some more appeal.

I don’t really see why it should be part of the default installation, particularly when we know that some users suffer with very constrained bandwidth. I would think that having an “Install Starter Game” button prominently displayed as an option on the launcher would be the optimal solution.

With installation still being such a pain point alienating new users, this seems like an easy improvement.

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I can see for some, why this would be preferable. I’ve mentioned this to the dev team so that they’re aware of it. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for more Lumberyard updates!


I saw 1.24.1 just came out a day or two ago, pretty exited for some fixes with VS 2019 for some people that seem to have issues with it building there projects.

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