Simple State Component and Activation/Deactivation not fully clear

In the documentation many details are not covered.

Excuse me if many concerns starts from my poor knowledge about how things works internally I’m just asking based on what I learned from documentation.

Apart from reference in state machines there is another way to make an entity not active at level start?

The Activated Deactivated state of an entity rises a lot of questions and needs to be covered in details.

Do entities lua state get manteined or get resetted on deactivation?Es if I put self.var = 10; and the entity get resetted will self.var be set when if it get activated again?

It’s safe to init object state in OnActivate if it could not be called before I try to access this state elsewhere?

What really happens to a deactivated entity?

How State machine components manage activations and deactivations?

Do they get activated , deactivated syncronously as soon as I change state or in a deferred way I have to expect a one frame lag for activation and or deactivation?es if I activate a state in frame x will the tick be called for the entities just from frame x or from x+1?

What happens if I reference deactivated object from anywhere else?es sending a bus event while they are not active do I have to check first for their state or I have just to expect things could fail silently?

What if C was initially inactive per A and B and A get in a state where C is active it is activated or not?

What if C was instead initially active per A and B and A get in a state where C is inactive it is deactivated or not?

These two Questions get even more complex if we think that A and B can change state in the same frame and so then C.

I think we at least need some best pratices to stick with to be able to share gems around with other people or this could open the way to a huge amount of bugs.

If there are some constraints that makes possible a safe workflow where I can make assumptions and skip some redundant check they need to get documented in a very detailed way.