Single Player Services

Hello! I have one question please help me…I just create the game using unity. I Wanna make data analysis with using some of the AWS services, which services I need to use for making a market in my game for buying some things and in the future make the game multiplayer? Do I need to create a server code or not when I create just a single player?

Welcome to the forums @Maksim_Kim.
You may find some useful information on the game tech resources page.
Specifically on analytics and databases.
There’s even a link to Github samples that you can look at for reference.
I hope this helps.

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I would start with: which covers how to build a serverless analytics pipeline using AWS Kinesis Analytics, S3 etc.

Its a really great tutorial to work through, covers a lot of the services you may consider and even covers how to do player authentication for your game clients (

You may also want to look at for other useful examples of integrating with AWS services