Slice asset not loading - source control not fixing problem

I’m having some trouble with a slice not loading after manipulating it in windows.

I’m getting the following error when the level is opened: [Error] Slice asset {2A23859A-D8C3-564C-BB43-ECAF41F74D80}:1 not ready or not found! Slice data based on the asset will likely be lost.

The level I was working on initially had 1 entity. I created a slice from it in order to create a new entity based on it in the editor. I also performed some operations on the slice file in windows, such as duplicating/renaming it and maybe deleting some copies. When I reloaded the level today, the initial entity and the second entity were missing and I was getting the error.

I tried restoring an earlier version from source control. Our source control currently tracks just the project directory, and it hasn’t caused problems until now.

My questions:

  1. What is trying to open the slice asset? Where is it looking?

  2. When I created the first entity, I didn’t create a slice. Where is that slice stored?

  3. Is there a small amount of files that can be added to source control to prevent this? The source control outlined here is not feasible:

Hey @Catma, sorry for the troubles — let me see if I can get some answers for you.

Good morning!

I am one of the technical artists here on Lumberyard Support, and I am currently looking in to your inquiry. First I wanted to know if I could get a little additional information from you:

  1. What version of Lumberyard are you on?

  2. Which Visual Studio are you currently using?

  3. Which version control software are you using?

Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out to us and I hope I can be a help!


Thanks for your help. I’m using:

  • LY

  • VS 2015 CE

  • git version 2.13.0 (I am aware that git is not ideal for LY projects… there are too many files and it takes up too much storage. We are hoping to find a solution but we have pushed it off for now.)

Hello @Catma,

Slice assets are self-contained meaning that all the information it needs is in the .slice asset however they could have dependencies on other assets like lua scripts, other slices…etc. Slice assets are just xml files so you should be able to inspect the files using any text editor.

As far as source control goes, committing everything in your assets directory should be fine and is recommended. However, there could be other dependencies outside of that directory like Gems. If your slice depends on an asset in a Gem and you haven’t committed that Gem then you would run into cases where the slices wouldn’t properly load.

Hope that helps!