Smooth vs flat shading - I'd like smooth


Above are two object that are both using the same material. The object on the right is a primitive_sphere which is included in LY Engine\game\objects. The object on the left is a FBX imported sphere exported from Blender (FBX export). So the question is why does the imported sphere have flat shading and the primative_sphere have nice smooth shading. Since the material is the same I am assuming there is something about the object itself that fails? I looked at the normals in Blender for the FBX object and they look OK. Could this be an import issue or am I missing something I need to do to get smooth shading? I’m using 1.13


You need to smooth the normals in Blender and then it will work. In Blender, select the object. Then go to Tools / Shading / and click on Smooth. You will see the whole model smooth in Blender. Export the model and then it will work. Good luck!

Yes this works. Thanks! In “object mode” just setting Smooth works for most objects. I had to go one step further and enter “edit mode” and select Edges then Smooth (same tool area) then my object worked.

Awesome, I am glad that helped. Have a great day!