snowsteps/footsteps and snowfall how ?

I can’t seem to find any answers for this on the forums so now I’m asking:

How do I create snowsteps or footsteps ? I see in the asset browser that the textures are there but how does one use them ? I also seen a youtube tutorial found here:

but the environment category is not in the current lumberyard version and can’t be found or used.

How does one create snowfall ? in the youtube link above it shows how but it is not there

Thanks in advance !

Good question - I’m gathering some answers for ya on this. Much apologies for the delayed response.

Any findings in this?

Good evening @AJ88,

I am one of the technical artists on the Lumberyard Support team. We recently added EmotionFX into the engine as our main animation toolset. Currently footsteps, as the legacy system defined them, do not function with the new Actor assets but our team is working on restoring this functionality in a future release.

If you are using a legacy version of the engine and the old animation system you can access footstep effects through the MaterialEffects files, there are examples of these setups within our StarterGame assets: StarterGame\libs\MaterialEffects\FXLibs

Key an eye on the release notes as Lumberyard progresses to learn more about new systems.

Thanks for your interest in Lumberyard!


Hello @MajorBliss
Just saw this post, and I’m trying to understand the footsteps system in LY, is there any tutorial or document for a beginner how to start? All I know is use the ProjectConfigurator and check the footsteps Gem.

Oh by the way, I’m using the LY ver.1.21.0, is that supported by thefootsteps?

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it seems … we still need an answer

@didzey You can use decal component + script canvas graph for snowsteps/footsteps in snow, This is the fastest way

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