SNS Notifications for individual StartMatchmaking tickets


As suggested by AWS, we are subscribing to a FlexMatch SNS topic in order to get notified of the status of a FlexMatch ticket issued by a player (that is, a call to StartMatchmaking). But we are having troubles interpreting the JSON from the SNS replies.

Using this as reference:

When we get a MatchmakingSucceeded, we are often getting more then one ticket listed in the “detail” JSON. This is because we turn on AUTO backfilling…so will multiple MatchmakingSucceded SNS notifications get issued for each ticket that succeded, or just one event for all the tickets that contribute to a match?

Should we be ignoring backfilling ticket SNS notifications altogether, assuming that our server ultimately manages backfilling? Is there a way of identifying AUTO tickets beyond the naming?


In my experience, it’s usually one event for all the tickets that contribute to a match, whether it’s for backfill or not. As the name implies, a matchmaking succeeded event should only occur when a match has successfully been made using a specific rule set. Sometimes only one ticket/request is needed to successfully backfill a match, other times multiple tickets/requests are needed to successfully backfill a match. Hope that made sense.