Solution to a frustrating Build Error

Trying to get a new project started can be tough the first time.

An error I encountered that I couldn’t find a solution to on the forums happened when I built my project.

It went something along the lines of:

lumberyardSDK.sln exited with code 1

And another message:

BINFOLDER_NAME not defined

I solved this by opening a command prompt in my dev folder as administrator and re-running the “lmbr_waf configure” command with admin privileges.

Leaving this here in case someone else encounters the same error.


While the administrator privileges may be a factor (I’m not totally sure) one thing I know causes this build error is if an instance of the editor or launcher is running when you try to compile. If you are getting this error ensure that all instances are closed by checking the details tab in the task manager. Sometimes it can appear to be closed, but it is not.

You know, I was revisiting this problem after I’d learned a little more and I realize that I also get the same error when I build and the editor is open. I could have sworn that I had the editor closed but I noticed that on some rare occasions the editor can appear closed but can still be running and needs to be shut down using the details tab in the task manager. I’m updating my original comment.


Thanks for posting your feedback and solution. We wouldn’t expect users to run as Administrator under typical circumstances. If there are other people having similar problems, we would love to get a copy of your log files for the build.

You can generate verbose logs from the “lmbr_waf” build tool by specifying “-v” or “-vv” or “-vvv” for increasing levels of verbosity. Posting a new thread with a description of the problem and the log as an attachment will help us find any remaining issues.