[Solved] How to Correcting the Skeleton of an Actor?

well, i’ve been facing this problem for a while now.
i belive i have setup the character properly in blender.

but when i export it to fbx and import it into lumberyard then the result is like this

is there anyone have solution to get the skeleton in the right position?
thanks in advance.

The reason that skeletons import like this is because there is something still wrong with one or some of your bones. The first thing is make sure your root bone is first followed by the hips/bottom spine bone and so one. Then you have to make sure they are all the same way facing and none are on a different axis, so if your character is facing positive Y make sure all bones orgin are all facing positive Y. With these couple of things you should be set up to get it imported with no issues.

thanks for the respond but i think its too complicated.
well, after messing around a little bit more. i finally found the simpler solution. i will describe it in minutes just in case there is some peoples facing the same problem

well, after messing around a little bit more. i finally found the problem. so just in case someone facing the same problem i will leave it here.

first i select all object that i want to export.

and then before i push the export button, i make change in the export setting.

and here is the result.

just be sure you did the same for the animation if you export it separately like i did.