[Solved] How to Interaction UI & 3D Mesh with Script Canvas

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I loaded one simple UI on the a cube mesh via script canvas and I have questions , how to click on the button or slider , cause does not work, looks like my ui is disable! but I’m sure did all steps till now, and this point on, I do not know how to interact with the mouse pointer with the scrtipt canvas, How to interaction on Click button or Enter text in a UI 3D Mesh with Script Canvas?

I Solved myself without mouse(Screen Center Point) :wink:
Is it possible with Click Mouse via Script Canvas? :slightly_smiling_face:

—Update 01—
the Sample not user friendly without mouse! (With center point trick and color highlight cover on elements like buton, slider , etc)

–Update 02—
When My Pointer is on the slider , and I click on the slider , button event actived & Pressed(I selected Press button is red color)! you can see mouse curosr is not active , only here is a pointer in screen center by a UI File loaded.

—Update 03—
:boom: I solved myselft, this is related to Player Camera + Screen Center Pointer + Physics Legacy + Mesh Type (without mouse course AND The question for the new physics library is whether this can be implemented?) :heart_eyes: :bulb: :white_check_mark: :point_down:

---- Update 04 ----
I Solved Interaction UI & 3D Mesh with Script Canvas with Mouse cursor & Clicks on slider & button & textarea ,etc

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