[Solved in LY 1.25] HARD CRASHES in 3D Visualization Project in LY 1.24

I was working on my project in FBX Setting & Emotion FX (for 3D Visualization), then , I run the editor , Crash occurs :triumph: :cold_sweat:
I attached this zip file CrashDB.zip (861.1 KB) :pleading_face:

I also tested it for LY 1.23, it crashes! :sob:
“Incompatibility” of components and slices in different versions :scream: :pensive:

@JKingpin @lmbr_Saulty , I want Upload [ My 3D Visualization ] full source graph(all slices, all materials,all UIs, all scriptcanvas, etc ) here , but the forum DO NOT ALLOW Me , My zip file is 100 MB , You can allow me , I upload my project here, can you verify my projects? at least for fix crashes for next version? :video_game: :joystick: :face_with_monocle: :pleading_face:

Hi AhmadKarami,

I’ve created a trouble ticket for this LY-118706.

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Thank you @lmbr_Saulty :heart: :rose: :white_check_mark: :pray:

Solved in LY :heart_eyes:
Thank you so much @lmbr_Saulty & LY Team :rose: :pray:

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