[Solved in LY 1.25] Surprise, an envelope full of terrible bugs in Script Canvas

Hi LY Team,
I using amazon lumberyard since 2016 , I found at least six bugs in script canvas 1.19.

While they are divided into two groups: angle parameters and number parameters.
Why do all nodes have angle parameters?!!

I tried a lot , The result of these six nodes for degrees is quite wrong. :sob: :sob:
Are you sure you used the Taylor and MacLaurin expansion right? :wink:
Or the default trigonometry tables? :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess in the library the trigonometric ratios of the other nodes also need to be corrected and fixed , Of course I’m waiting for 1.23 and currently using 1.19.

please fix the bugs
thank you :pray:

Ahmad Karami
a computer teacher / a solo developer/ a gameplay programmer / a test engineer

Thanks for the feedback. I have let the Script Canvas team know and I’m seeing if these issues have been fixed in the current version 1.22.

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You’re welcome, thank you so much, GREAT, also I found a lot bugs in script canvas 1.19, I try send all bugs report of script canvas 1.19+ 1.23 , Currently, during a major my project until the summer of 2020, I want start with script canvas 1.23 Very seriously, I hope to finish my project successfully, I suggest to ly team , make a big great + open world game with only script canvas ,This can be a big challenge, and if ly team succeed, it is the seventh strategy I have suggested to ly team since year 2016.

I see exist all bugs this topic in ly 1.23

I see exist all bugs this topic in ly 1.23…

Sorry, I was hoping that some of this would be fixed .

I’ve let the script canvas team know so they are aware (I know they fixed some math related issues for 1.23 and there is going to be a further sweep of math bugs very soon).

As to the issues you reported:

  • Some of the nodes are mis-named and should say “number” instead of “angle” but I believe its just a labeling error, not functional (annoying though)
  • The Angle fields are looking to take something in Radians, not Degrees (which appears to be a documentation issue, also annoying).

As Lumberyard is source available if you find more issues and want to contribute you can send fixes via pull requests at https://github.com/aws/lumberyard

Hopefully these issues can get fixed asap.

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