[Solved] New Terrible bugs in Script Canvas Materials Nodes 1.24 & 1.25

Hi LY team,
I found very terrible bugs in Script Canvas Materials Nodes , I do not know why you do not hire a great test engine team?!?! :flushed: please see this pictures :sob: Who can be responsible and provide more details on bug fixes? :100: :ear: :left_speech_bubble: :rose:

I read ّFULL RELEASE NOTE 1.25 tips but these bugs have not been fixed yet in 1.25 like Trigonometric ratios such as sine and cosine in script canvas :scream: Of course, the 1.25 update was great, Thank you very much , Please let the developers test these bugs and fix them at least at 1.25.1 or if not at 1.26 fix that bugs :point_down: These bugs have not been fixed at 1.25 :flushed: :exploding_head:

Hi @_AhmadKarami,

Thank you for reaching out about this issue. I have logged an internal ticket with our Scripting team (LY-118476) for the Material Owner node issue, and let them know about the problem.


Thanks for listening @Hawkeye @JKingpin @lmbr_Saulty

Can you send this post to the teams to fix the list of these bugs?
01- Material Owner Script Canvas nodes issue
02-Material Script Canvas nodes issue
03-Material Editor Parameters for Script Canvas nodes
04-Material Substance Script Canvas nodes issue
05-Math Script Canvas nodes with With correct values just like trigonometric ratios such as sine and cosine,etc.
06-water ripple effect component gem compiled and without bug in starter gamer 2.0 or sample project in 1.25.1 or 1.26.

To be honest, I wanted to start another project this summer with 1.25 , I wanted to simulate this project at 1.25 but it failed with these bugs, this is my second project that failed at Lumberyard in 2016 so far (This is an example of my work with Unity in 2016 & I designed and programmed this project in C#)

@LS1 @JKingpin @Hawkeye @lmbr_Saulty @Ajia

I have a great idea, let me explain :point_down: :heart_eyes:
Try to design and implement my project with Script Canvas 1.26, I made this architectural project and I wanted to create it with Script Canvas LY 1.25 in the summer of 2020, despite these bugs, it is impossible :blush:

I suggest as a project testing engineer, you can implement my project for two reasons:

1- You built a beautiful architecture project with Script Canvas 1.26 for people migrate to lumberyard 1.26 :white_check_mark:

2- You will find many bugs & crashes and you will fix it , With the possibility of finding bugs/crashes by this project and in this video :white_check_mark:

I hope you have heard my voice and my suggestion and implement it, this is to help implement the first strategy :wink:

I may not quite have understood the question. But I got into the script canvas interaction with these parameters(diffuse, specular, emmissive and…) that you pointed out.
I managed to work with them. But maybe you’re referring to triganometric functions, such as changing the material for parabola, for example. Then I’m not sure, I have to check. I’m still working on version 1.23


@didzey you understood my question & my idea , I implementing new work with script canvas, I think can publish my result in here today, Thank you :rose: :pray: :sunglasses:

@didzey YES, Does Work! Very strange! I sent the numbers with RGB sliders but it was not received, but now it works without sliders and by creating random colors node!

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