[SOLVED] Two new bugs in Timer/Get Seconds nodes in LY 1.25

There are no results in nodes for the game, this two node have two bad bugs , Number out param in GetSeconds node is null value & Seconds out param in Timer Node is Wrong value :relieved: I Love the bugs :yum:

I want create objects float in the sky but I need to seconds in the game for Cos or Sin nodes with Degree param , this is a graph for objects float in the sky like the UFO spaceship :alien:

We know that the sine and cosine range is between one and negative one.

y=Sin(x) , x=[0, 360] or [0 , + current time in game] , y=[-1 , +1]

y=Cos(x) , x=[0, 360] or [0 , + current time in game] , y=[-1 , +1]

I change height my ufo-spaceship (z param) with y=[-1 , +1] :slightly_smiling_face:

@_AhmadKarami If you don’t understand how to use a node in script canvas and you want help then you should ask. I know that there are people that would be happy to help you. You should not say that something is broken or not working when in fact it is working perfectly. It isn’t fair to the Lumberyard Team for you to constantly call things bugs that are not bugs. Both of those nodes work 100% correctly, I just tested them myself in LY 1.25.

You might want to consider that most of the things you report as bugs are in fact, not bugs at all. Rather than making dozens of posts about all of Lumberyard’s bugs, you might consider making dozens of posts asking for help understanding how to use Lumberyard.

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@Yeshua I know what I’m doing, you do not worry, Most of the bugs I reported from the nodes were absolutely correct Since 2016, I have only made a few very small mistakes like sin/cos issue, also I’m one of the people who has published the most node base tutorials about script canvas & suggestion ideas, so I know how to work with nodes well , I have stated in my strategies and I think the LY team is happy or at least confirmation with it and we see that it is being implemented at least in North America.
This forum is where the various feedbacks are posted, then all the feedback ends up in the correct solution, Even a few mistakes, I made immediately after receiving the solution, I made video tutorials.

This my projects is in diffident game engine C#/JS Unity /Blueprint UE4 , Schematyc/Flowgraph/C++ CryEngine/S2Script S2Engine HD/ Produce educational content for schools with Action Script Adobe Flash :point_down: :slightly_smiling_face:



if you use c# in unity , you can understand my mean , I need to seconds in game , 1 ,2 , 3 ,4 , 5 , …
I want get this seconds , then input to sin or cos by degree value , then with this method , can be objects float in the sky with change z position param by y in [-1 , 1] in sin/cos ,
I tested a lot , but I get seconds with 0/1/2,3 values in game(current time in game), this seconds can not continue by thts two nodes in report top.


This is not SECOND , THIS IS DELTA SECOND , SEE this video :expressionless: :neutral_face: :point_down:
SecondsBugVideo.zip (767.7 KB)

I know what I’m did , Although I solved this two bug in another way today, I know the implementation of the roadmap and strategy well, so that the huge migrations of several hundred/thousand people to Lumberyard take place at least in one BOC year or the Solar year, But people do not think like me , I’m in the Middle East and there I see the intense atmosphere of Unity and Unreal, I hope my information is useful to you

With respect :rose: :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:


I am a teacher/Author and I do not lie!

SEE this bug video**(timer node)** in LY 1.25
, I tested them myself :expressionless: :neutral_face: :point_down:
SecondsBugVideo.zip (767.7 KB)

NEXT Bug Video : SEE this second of bug report video(“Get Seconds” Node) in LY 1.25
, I tested them myself :point_down:
testbugGetSecond002.zip (2.6 MB)

I know what I’m doing, I am a teacher/Author and I do not lie! :expressionless: :neutral_face:

@Yeshua Do not judge fast!

Just because nodes respond to your computer does not mean that it works 100 percent, These issues of bugs/problems need to be check it out.

I found a lot bugs/problems, an example : materials load bug in 1.20 , 1.21 , 1.22, 1.23, 1.24 , 1.25, but I do not report them(bugs/problems) in this time for three reasons:

1- Preventing my bug/problem reports from being spammed, Reporting too many bugs may be spam. like What you thought was spam but it is not.

2- Some bugs may be found by the official Lumberyard team like great update 1.24 to 1.25.

3- I’m not an official Amazon/Lumberyard team employee and I do not receive any money from them(test engine/QA forum/VT on youtube), but I try to do great things at lumberyard that , you probably see in the future.

I hope I was able to answer you and my information was useful to you , and I hope you be convinced.

You trigger your Timer node’s Start input port OnTick, which causes the timer to restart every tick, and as a result you are effectively getting delta time as an output. Instead, trigger the Timer node’s Start input port one time using an On Graph Start node, which will allow the Seconds output to accumulate.

The reason that you think you are getting an incorrect value from the Get Seconds node that takes a ScriptTimePoint, is because you are not supplying an input value from which seconds would be extracted. If you supply the Time output from the TickBus::OnTick node, or from the Get Time at Current Tick node, you will get a number of seconds that maps to your OS’s system uptime.

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I do not agree , I found a way the timer do not restart every tick for OnTick node, so I publish a new video tutorials about that soon , plus I made ufo-spaceship float in the sky …

I SOLVED my self (Get seconds in current time game) :wink:

Use of trigonometric equations such as sine or cosine in making video games

FloatInSkyAhmadKaramiGraphScriptCanvas.zip (24.0 KB)

@Yeshua OK , Got It , Thank you :rose: :pray: :slightly_smiling_face: