Some character Animations won't play, others will. Can't trouble shoot


I have a character that is rigged and animated outside of the lumberyard. I exported as an FBX and everything seems to be fine. The character imports as an actor with skeleton and mesh and the animations import and work. However following this same process, some of the animations work and others don’t. I do not know why. Can someone help me trouble shoot? Is there a standard for exporting files to ensure they are compatible with lumberyard?

I test animations by playing them with a simple motion component. Some play and others do nothing. I’ve fiddled for hours.

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Hi :slight_smile:

I noticed this post was unanswered.

The way the motion playback works is by checking the names of the joints. So if you play a motion file on a given actor, the joint names in the motion FBX and actor FBX must match. If they do not match, EMotion FX doesn’t know on which joints to play the motion data.

I don’t know if that is the issue of course, but it sounds like this could be the problem.
I have seen some issues where in say the actor the namespace was included and in the motion not. So joints were named like: “UpperLeg” in the motion FBX file, while the actor contained “hero::UpperLeg”. In that case it would not play for example.

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