Sound Content Bank Creation

Hello, I followed a few tutorials on YouTube on how to make sound content banks with Amazon Lumberyard + Wwise.

I think I have created a sound bank (demo) that can be used in games created with Amazon Lumberyard. I am not 100% it can be used, as I am not a game developer (I am more into audio).

Would anyone be willing to test out this content bank to see if it is packaged right. I want to know if these content banks are marketable / able to sell. Without any flaws to the potential buyer of the content bank(s).

I am new to this forum and not sure if I am able to post media/links. Let me know if you can help. I can make you free content banks if you can.



I cannot upload the content bank as I am a new user.

If anyone is willing to help please message me. I am at a complete standstill until I know if these audio content banks can be distributed to Amazon Lumberyard developers.

Hey there, I have a project with Wwise setup. Iā€™d be willing to test out your sound bank, I could share my screen via discord if you wanted to check it out in action. The link expires in 11/4. I have the same username in discord.