Source code for built in lua functions?

Where can I find the source for the built in functions i.e. the ones in the Class Reference of my screenshot?

There is no script.pak file anywhere in my Lumberyard directories? (I looked around for a bit and ran “$find -maxdepth 30 | grep script.pak” in /dev but still nothing).

those are in cryengine script.pak of gamesdk project

unzip it use 7zip

open folder Script folder using babelua extension in vs2015 .

then you will see the source code. (703 KB)

CryEngine GameSDK project

rename scripts.pak

Thanks! I wasn’t talking about the specific file open in the screenshot, just the files on the left hand side. Also, yes, I’m confused about the difference between the old component entity system and the new one?

It seems to be an odd time of Lumberyard – they said they’re taking out flowgraph, yet the sample game uses a lot of flow graph scripting.

Those functions are exposed through C++, some may be using the new BehaviorContext already and some probably still use the AZ_SCRIPTABLE_EBUS… macros.

The easiest way to find those functions is to search for the relevant bus and then work your way through (though that works only partly since VisualStudio can’t follow the references completely). The Project you’re probably going to find the most of them in is called “LmbrCentral” inside the code solution.

See the “Programming” section here: to get an idea on how to access the code solution.

Also there is reference documentation on the functions here:

Take note that the class reference shows functions of the new ComponentEntity system, while the file you opened is using the old entity system inherited from CRYENGINE. Specifically it looks like some sort of AI script which are different from the regular legacy entities… it’s complicated, use ComponentEntities wherever you can :slight_smile:

Could you tell us which project you got that file from so people can assist better?