Source duplicating on Event Node + mysterious disappearances of scripts ... bug

Something strange appears on Event Nodes with the Source duplicating when we save the script file !
see below an example

otherwise Events seems to behave now perfectly … even in a relatively dense quantity of events. :+1:

Hi @Didier,

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll investigate. I believe we may have fixed this already and the fix will be available on the next release but I will verify.


@LSI maybe it could be related also to another problem cited here Script Canvas Asset becomes empty after save of a Script when you have the asset refresh process …

If we had the possibility to add a Component to an Entity via a Node script (actually we can delete but not add), we could get around this problem not already solved quickly … and I’m not the only one to find this problem very annoying for users of Lumberyard canvas script, mainly during the debug phase because you never know at each play how many scripts will again disappear … and imagine the time lost with several dozen scripts to look for a bug and rediscover that it is again a missing script …

:thinking: Another drawback is that the button image is unable to place the script name on an empty Script Canvas Asset component location image (but only on the first script component in the list) …
As using this button can replace an existing Script Canvas Asset name only in the first script component in an entity with several scripts :woozy_face: this makes it unusable in many cases when we want to repair the previous damage of the mysterious disappearance of scripts :cyclone: