Spawnpoint can not work in game mode and launcher command line

Hi all

I added a spawnpoint entity to my new level in Game sdk project. and linked the game start node to spawnpoint entity’s spawn in FlowGraph.

It is works in editor and Ctrl+G(game mode)

But if I start game level from command line like

Path_to_lumberyard\dev\Bin64\GameSDKLauncher.exe +map testdemo1

It is not work. the player is start from ocean.

My question is how does it work both in Ctrl+G in editor and in launcher command line?

2805-game2-temp.txt (97.8 KB)game2-temp.txt

This is the game log file

I find the solution

File>Export to Engine

Hello @zhangshaojie,

I’m glad to hear you found a solution and are no longer blocked. Please let us know if we can help out with anyhting else.