Speedtree 8 spine crashing program


When selecting the spine node it crashes speedtree. Is anyone else having this issue, if so is there a work around?

Hey @Bomb_bear

I’ve got this logged for our engineers to take a look at. Those legacy nodes are going to be problematic in trying to create a tree from scratch in SpeedTree 8, even with the crash fixed.

If you’re trying to create a trunk, the best place to start is going to be with the Trunk generator. For a basic spine node, use the trunk tube.

Does that help? If there’s soemthing more specific you’re trying to acheive let me know!

Interesting — let me see what I can find on this topic!


The spine node wasn´t for making trees but more for creating ground plants or vines for example.

That makes sense! I’d still use the trunk tube or trunk generator for small ground plants. That legacy spine generator won’t react to procedural vertex colors.

Here we’ve got some ground clutter that is made using a trunk generator as a spine for small leaf cards. Vines similarly should use a trunk tube. Also not that there are creative ways to get around using a trunk node for small ground clutter. The larger leaves pictured with a red edge are simply leaf cards attached to a zone the modified using fold and curl to give it more complex structure. Hope that helps!