Speedtree WAS free. It isn't (anymore) --> Subscription only

New users will need a subscription.
I highly suggest you update your LY features information everywhere.

Even with a discount this actually has a negative impact
on how this looks.


Good riddance. I would recommend not getting anything that is subscription based. Support alternative development software that is not subscription based.

For a replacement for this I would recommend Forrester. It’s not the same but it’s better than supporting subscription-based tools.

For Substance Painter I would recommend Armor Paint. Again, not the same but it’s better than supporting subscription-based gouging practices that are hip now.

Thanks for the Forrester suggestion, didn’t know about that one.
And I concur. No subscriptions for me regarding software.

Yeah, but I know ArmorPaint. It’s quite cool. The Dev, Lubos, is also quite a cool guy. (I use(d) Armory3D as well actually, I also contributed to the master branch. But A3d really is a broken alpha-mess. :slight_smile:


There’s also “Tree It” which is a free tree generator from Evolved Software. Forester website is down for some reason “Forester Pro” is the name so you can find it.


Thanks a lot, will certainly look into those.