Splatmaps are not working in 1.17


In LY 1.17 I can only get one splat map to work effectively, as soon as I add more the 2nd one applies as if it was the first one, even though it’s an entire different splat map. There are a few work arounds, but for that it would be nice if I could export the terrain mesh. I believe this is an intended option, but in the Editor it’s greyed out for me as well as for others.
However by going into the console and exporting the terrain area via command, it does let you export the terrain as an obj. BUT, at the moment this doesn’t function properly (for me). A window pops up saying that Trackview does not exist as an object, and the file doesn’t save.

  1. Splatmaps do not function properly in 1.17
  2. We can not export our terrain mesh in 1.17

Unless someone has found a way to work around these issues?