Start Windows build from .bin or .bat rather than .exe

Having trouble getting Gamelift to work with windows build using Unity and the Headless Builder plugin.

Headless builder gives me a build with a .bin executable, and a .bat shell to run it.

When I set the fleet to run the .bat shell, when starting I receive errors questioning if I am using a process starter and does not run.

When I try and upload the .bin, Amzon console gives me a page error saying the launch path needs to be a valid executable.

Any ideas? At the moment I’m seeing if I can change to Linux, but would be good to get this working

You can’t launch a .bin file on Windows by default, it needs to be mounted as its not an executable.

I would either:
a) look at how you are driving your builds and see if you change what is produced to get an .exe (ie standalone builds)

b) look at that .bat file and see if you can use its commands in the install.bat (ie it must be mounting the .bin in some way). This is probably quite time consuming to get right, so you’ll need to find a good offline test environment (ie what tools need to be installed for EC2 Windows 2012 servers instances)

Thanks - have reached out to the team that created the headless builder to find out how they’ve done it - it’s very weird. The instructions are:

This build only supports headless mode.
Do not run PCGameLiftHeadlessServer_Core.exe directly.

To start VivoxFrontendForMultiplayer in headless mode, run:
or run:
PCGameLiftHeadlessServer_Core.bin -batchmode -nographics

and the batchfile contains:

PCGameLiftHeadlessServer_Core.bin -batchmode -nographics

And that’s it - the batch file works, the bin file can’t be opened if you try and do direct (starts an anarchive process which fails. WIll keep on trying, thanks for your help.

The developers indicated that the .bin file is actualyl a .exe file renamed to .bin, to get around an issue elsewhere. So easy to rename this back to an exe and it works. Thanks for your help.