Starter Game Action Update Now Available!

The Starter Game Action Update introduces over 950 improvements and updates, including snappy gunplay mechanics, rocket jumping, a more responsive AI, and improved character control. In addition to these features, you’ll find cascading slices, component entities, vegetation distribution, Lua scripted events, and much more to help you understand how Lumberyard works!

Read more about the Starter Game Action Update in the Blog:

Watch the announcement trailer:

Perfect! just before the weekend so I can check things out…

Thanks guys!

This is exactly what I was hoping to get. Love the fact that you can load a series of levels in the GettingStartedGuide directory to see the various game elements, such as terrain, components, and slices, layered in cumulatively!

The ultimate companion to this release of the Starter Game would be a series of tutorials or YouTube videos dissecting each of the GSG levels!

Keep up the great work Amazon!

I’m using Starter Game 1.10 as a base for my project, to upgrade, do I just overwrite SG 1.10 with SG 1.10.1?

yes that is possible, I did the same thing and it works for me.

I enjoyed new video Starter Game.

Starter Game is designed completely Only with Lua Script ?? (without c++)??

Is it designed completely Only with C++ language?

Thank you Dear Gamely , Is here a person , that , tell me :

Is A Way , We make great games ONLY ONLY with ScriptCanvas node base just like Blueprint UE4(Without C++ / Without Lua Code along-only with script canvas) ???

I repeated my question , But Really it is Very Important for me (other persons Like as me) , Thanks a lot again :slight_smile:

It is mostly done in lua ( gameplay ) with few simple c++ components and a couple of c++ utility classes made to add functionalities not available in lua out of the box(e.g. to access and change material properties).You may easely found the source code in the Gem/StarterGameGem/Code directory


Thank you for this update! The new content and features are really excellent. This is a HUGE improvement over the first iteration of Starter Game. Many of the changes were made to areas of Starter Game that seemed a bit… strange in their design, and the updates really improved those areas and made it much clearer what the purpose of the design was. This content has been very helpful to me and it really helps to have a complete working game sample that I can use for reference. Thanks again!!