StartGameSessionPlacement GameProperties

I’m placing my gamesession successfully with GameProperties, but i don’t know how to read it. GameLiftSDK is not build with GAMELIFT_USE_STD flag. Without this flag UE4 uses method “const GameProperty* GetGameProperties(int& count)”. I don’t understand what that count means if i have multiple properties, but it returns GameProperty* object. Also server crashes when i try to read GetValue of that property.

Its a pointer to an array of properties. I don’t have an example of the Unreal code, but the non STD gamelift code would like:

const Aws::GameLift::Server::Model::GameProperty* gameProperties = gameSession.GetGameProperties(gamePropertyCount);

    // Parse game properties passed to server
    for (int propNum = 0; propNum < gamePropertyCount; ++propNum) {
        Aws::GameLift::Server::Model::GameProperty property = gameProperties[propNum];
        // Handle property via calls to  property.GetKey() or property.GetValue()

Hope that helps.