StartMatchBackfillRequest API missing (SDK 3.2.1)


I updated the GameLift server SDK from 3.1.7 to 3.2.1 and can’t find the StartMatchBackfillRequest API.

Am i missing something ?
And what is the difference between this call using Amazon API ?

var request = new Amazon.GameLift.Model.StartMatchBackfillRequest();

I want to use the request from a game server :

var request = new AWS.GameLift.Server.Model.StartMatchBackfillRequest();

Hey @Pip sorry that was a typo , i meant what is the difference between this two :

new Amazon.GameLift.Model.StartMatchBackfillRequest ();
new Aws.GameLift.Server.Model.StartMatchBackfillRequest();
I guess one is for the game server calls and one is for the client side right ?

I knew when i will ask this question things will start working, somehow unity didn’t seem to find this function but after re-import the sdk + restart it did find it.
Thanks and sorry for the spam :slight_smile:

StartMatchmaking and StartMatchBackfill are two different APIs in GameLift: (make a new match) (find players to backfill into an existing match)

Please ensure you downloaded the Server SDK, the latest (which is 3.2.1) is available here:

I confirmed that the StartMatchBackfillRequest is in this API

That’s correct Habaron, Amazon.GameLift.Model.StartMatchBackfillRequest() is for the client side, while Aws.GameLift.Server.Model.StartMatchBackfillRequest() is for the server side.