Still no forum?

All questions and discussions are mixed, it’s a mess and it’s hard to find previous topics.

How long before we get a real forum ?

They confirmed it will come, but they dont have an date at the moment, so stay patient for that while.

Hey Garden,

We have heard the requests and we have prioritized adding subforums to the top of our list. In fact, we moved all planning to focus on this and got wireframes done the second week of February (the week we launched).

We started our development sprint last week in which this is our MAIN focus. We want to make sure we do this correctly and push out a functioning feature. As I’m sure you’re aware, development takes time, as does QA.

I’m not going to commit to a date (because everyone knows when you do that, you usually end up blowing that date). But I promise you this is coming extremely soon. Hang tight with us just a little bit longer.