Stop matchmaking for all tickets in potential match if any tickets reject acceptance

The problem

My project requires all tickets in the potential match to stop matchmaking once some tickets reject acceptance. I dug through all the documentations but haven’t found any related settings.

What I can think of

One work-around option could be to manually stop matchmaking in code for all tickets when someone rejects, but this is not viable because before our system even receives the “AcceptMatchCompleted” event, the tickets that did not reject acceptance are already put back to matchmaking searching. The request that stops matchmaking may not be able to be sent out before another round of potential match is created for those tickets.

Wanted behavior

When some tickets reject acceptance, all the tickets in the potential match stop matchmaking

Sorry the late reply. FlexMatch’s current design does indeed return the players that accepted the match back into the ticket pool. As you have mentioned, you could make an attempt to make an attempt to track and cancel player matchmaking tickets in batches but you don’t have enough control.

I have pinged the GameLift service team with your request and hopefully they can take it into their backlog and/or provide a better workaround.

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