Strange error while creating fleet


I’m getting this error while creating fleet:
Server process exited without calling ProcessEnding(), exitCode(-1073741515)

I have tested dedicated server locally with Amazon GameLift Local
And everything looks fine?

What can be a problem?

My fleet id: fleet-12cf458f-32f7-4c9c-b6b1-8584e937a123

*** EDIT ***

  • I have installed vc_redist.x64 and directX
  • When i connect to fleet machine, and when i try manually to start dedicated server, i recieve this message:


What can be a problem?

Apologies for stating the obvious but theres a dll missing when running on the host machine.

Most likely theres a Windows dll mis-match when trying to call certain Windows functions (ie GetFileVersion etc) where the underlying host OS does not have that dll (or provides that functionality via a different DLL).

Firstly sanity check your installer:

Go to Fleet->Events

  • Scroll down to where it ran your install.bat and check the log link

Make sure it ran your installer without issue . Ensure your redist is correctly named and in the correct location. Then check what your installer is actually providing.

Gamelift uses Windows Server 2012 as its base AMI: so my guess is that you are targeting Windows 10 rather than 8 (hence the reason it works for you locally).

Some useful links:

Thnx for your answer.

  • I have checked install.bat and everything is ok.

So what do you suggest? Because this was not happening 20 days ago.
I’m using Unreal Engine

*** EDIT ***

  • I think that i have figure out what is the problem. On build machine i have Visual Studio 2019 and on my personal PC i’m using Visual Studio 2017… So i will install VS 2017 and additional packages for windows 8 build.



Problem solved, i had a different visual studio versions on my local machine and on build machine.

Hi I’m having the exact same issue, Not sure where to start with trouble shooting the issue. You mentioned that you connected to the fleet but I don’t know how I can do this via CLI if the fleet isn’t active… not sure what you meant by “manually starting the server”. Could someone give some advice please?

The strange part is that I did manage to get this working last week, and now I am doing the exact same steps with the same build files and the fleet just wont activate.

What’s the error you’re getting?

Hi Chris,

Any fleet I try to create refuses to activate. The error it returns is :
Server process exited without calling ProcessEnding(), exitCode(-1073741515), launchPath(C:\game\MultiTest\Binaries\Win64\MultiTestServer.exe), arguments(null), instanceId(i-05c408d7c406e0fab), publicIP(, gameSessionId(none), occurrences(3573 for this instance in a 5 minute period)

Not sure if the problem is due to the install.bat found in my build root. The log returns:
Installer Exit Code: 0

It is worth mentioning that I had successfully created a working fleet the first time I tried, I used the exact same build files and method… not sure why this is happening. Any help would be appreciated.

Easiest way to debug, as it looks your process is crashing, is to search for the error code on the forum (ie Fleet Error (Server process exited without calling ProcessEnding(), exitCode(-1073741515))) and you’ll get plenty of advice.

If you haven’t:

  • Ensure your packaged build runs locally against GameLift local
  • Open the remote debugging port when creating the fleet and remote into the instance once its created. From there you can tail the logs or manually launch it to see if/how its failing.
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Thanks Pip, I’ll try to remote into the instance and see what is going on. I’m assuming this documentation page is what I’ll need to help me get there: Connect to your Windows instance - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

As for gameLift local, I had tried this and it reported a healthy status.

For the record I’m using the methods described in this video to create my build files

You will need to start at the GameLift guide, because the resources are managed for you by GameLift. See Remotely access GameLift fleet instances - Amazon GameLift.

Theres a bunch of useful threads here about remote instance access for GameLift if you encounter issues, but one thing to remember is that your fleet ports can only be adjusted on launch or when your fleet is in ACTIVE or ERROR state (unless this changed recently), so would suggest until you have stable fleet, always make your fleet launch with the remote debugger ports open (you can always close them later if they are no longer required).

Thanks for the tips! I’ll let you know how it goes.

@Pip Hey there. Would you mind explaining what you mean with “so my guess is that you are targeting Windows 10 rather than 8” ?

I am encountering a similar issue, though I have tried to install all sorts of prerequisites, and nothing seems to work. We are using Unreal Engine (4.26). It works fine, locally, too, but on the server instance I get the error in this image below. I strictly followed a tutorial, but on an existing project. I will try on a fresh one, but really that wouldn’t get my any further if that would work. Any other ideas what to try?

I remoted into the machine and made quadruple sure to even manually install all prereqs… :frowning:


For future reference, should anyone else ever have the same issue: I solved it.
It turned out to be a plugin (specifically WindowsMixedReality). I actually suspected it to be a plugin pretty quickly, but I had already removed it from the build.cs and also added it to the “DisablePlugins” array in the Server.Target.cs. However, I had to also remove it from the .uproject file’s plugin list (for whatever reason).

I used this DependencyWalker to iterate the testing a lost faster.

Hope this helps anybody at some point.