Strange error while creating fleet


I’m getting this error while creating fleet:
Server process exited without calling ProcessEnding(), exitCode(-1073741515)

I have tested dedicated server locally with Amazon GameLift Local
And everything looks fine?

What can be a problem?

My fleet id: fleet-12cf458f-32f7-4c9c-b6b1-8584e937a123

*** EDIT ***

  • I have installed vc_redist.x64 and directX
  • When i connect to fleet machine, and when i try manually to start dedicated server, i recieve this message:


What can be a problem?

Apologies for stating the obvious but theres a dll missing when running on the host machine.

Most likely theres a Windows dll mis-match when trying to call certain Windows functions (ie GetFileVersion etc) where the underlying host OS does not have that dll (or provides that functionality via a different DLL).

Firstly sanity check your installer:

Go to Fleet->Events

  • Scroll down to where it ran your install.bat and check the log link

Make sure it ran your installer without issue . Ensure your redist is correctly named and in the correct location. Then check what your installer is actually providing.

Gamelift uses Windows Server 2012 as its base AMI: so my guess is that you are targeting Windows 10 rather than 8 (hence the reason it works for you locally).

Some useful links:

Thnx for your answer.

  • I have checked install.bat and everything is ok.

So what do you suggest? Because this was not happening 20 days ago.
I’m using Unreal Engine

*** EDIT ***

  • I think that i have figure out what is the problem. On build machine i have Visual Studio 2019 and on my personal PC i’m using Visual Studio 2017… So i will install VS 2017 and additional packages for windows 8 build.



Problem solved, i had a different visual studio versions on my local machine and on build machine.