Streamlining the building process?

Hey guys,

Are there any plans in place for future releases to streamline the building process in relation to engine, editor and project? Right now it’s kind of a tedious exercise just getting the editor to run…

I’m a long-time CryEngine user and along with a couple of people I’m looking to maybe take a shot at making something, but convincing some of these guys (Artists, for example) to run command prompt commands and mess around with building the editor and a project straight from scratch after they’ve just downloaded a 10Gb file and extracted it is going to be a big ask…

I know what a lot of people here will say, something along the lines of “It’s not a big deal” but user-friendliness is definitely something to aim more for than anything else at this point or people will get frustrated. I’ll be submitting bug reports on a fairly regular basis (former Crytek Editor QA guy here :wink: ) but it’ll be nice to see how you guys progress with this project!



Welcome to the Lumberyard community Caz! As @Kashman said, user experience is hugely important to us so submit those bugs and stay active with us here and we’ll have our hard hats on making Lumberyard better for you.

Thank you for contacting us. Making things more user friendly and smoothing out the development experience is important to us. Feedback you submit to us about
the bugs you encounter, as well as any streamlining suggestions you may have will be very valuable.



Having to deal with all command lines is really tedious, we should have a packaging window where we could check parameters than launch the build as easy as Unreal 4 do.


Thanks for your feedback. It looks like support staff have already noted your suggestions.

I’m not allowed to disclose future plans, but I can talk about different approaches you can take using the existing packaged materials:

For content creators (for example environment artists, animators, sound designers and anyone doing VFX), it should not normally be necessary for them to build the Editor or Game projects themselves. Pre-built distributions of the Editor and Game can be provided to them, such how we provided them in our Beta Release. During the initial installation flow users only need to tick the checkboxes in the Lumberyard Launcher interface that relate to running the Editor and Game in order to begin creating content (i.e. they would not select any of the “build” options).

In the context of a game team, where changes to the editor and game are being made on a regular basis, a centralized source control management solution and an automated build system would be beneficial. In this arrangement a build server detects changes to the source code and automatically builds and deploys the latest versions of the Editor and Game for your content creators to use. (This is approach is commonly referred to as Continuous Building or Continuous Integration).

To reduce the size of the initial installation for users that are not going to be building, you could prune any packages that are not required from the ZIP file we provide and commit the result to your own source control or internal team folders, provided that all the terms of the Lumberyard license are adhered to by everyone involved.

Hi @Cazaris

If you have a designated build engineer I would suggest making sure he has a system that allows him/her to fully build everything and look into what needs to be distributed to the other team members. Very little of the 3rd Party folder which accounts for over 80% of the decompressed zip is needed by people only wanting to run the editor or game. Eliminating that from what you distribute within your team would be an easy reduction.

Hey all,

Thanks for the replies, they are very much appreciated!

I’ll take another look into the whole process again tonight if I get time, one roadblock I ran into was that the only available Visual Studio solution I had installed was Visual Studio Express, which was incompatible with the lmbr_waf command prompts. I’ll try and grab a more feature-filled and recent version of VS2013 V3 or later as soon as I can (costs permitting, of course…) and it would definitely be beneficial to the others to know I can just load a pre-built Editor for them onto a cloud drive for them to use rather than building it themselves. I’ll keep that in mind as we progress.

I never actually thought to check the 3rd party folder to see what was in there in relation to VS solutions, are there any in there? I’m not at my PC at the moment so I can’t check, and I’d guess Microsoft are a bit hesitant about letting people other than them distributing their code much in the same way ffmpeg are, but if nothing like that is available I’ll have to see what options are open to me with regards to getting a VS solution to be my team’s designated build engineer.

Like a game designer, system designer and artist doesn’t have enough work, am I right? :wink:

Cheers again all!