Stuck with AWS SDK->UE4?

Can’t figure how to get the AWS SDK into an existing UE4 visual studio project. I’ve passed the cmake and msbuild steps for making the dlls and libs, have downloaded the includes for the package I want to use, but now stuck…can’t get things linked in visual studio. To do this, I think you need to change the project properties from makefile to application or dll, but then unreal will not build…so…I’m stuck.

There is a write up here, but it is not detailed enough to help:

The only thing close to this I have is Chris Gong’s Tutorials, but when he shows how to cmake the Gamelift Server SDK, that is in ue4 plugin structure already, where the AWS sdk package is not, so…that may be a bigger task…am I needing to create a UE4 plugin just to get the aws sdk into my project?

So currently, the road I’m on is creating a ue4 plugin and adding in the include files, libs, dlls etc. The includes are a nightmare, one include needs another which can’t be found, all the way to needing the cmake some common package so I can get a config.h…so far not the level of professionalism I was expecting from amazon. This process is pretty messy and not at all what was introduced in the game blogs.

I’m wondering if those that wrote the blogs ran their instructions through to see if they worked, or did they just do the write up and hoped it worked like that.

Nevermind…I give up with aws…it is such a mess.