[Stuttering] Particle Technical Sample Collision emitter makes very noticeable stutter on entering view.

Some investigation required as it may point to some part of the particle system that requires optimization.Possibly in the way the particle system is primed.

Being in a demo it may make a bad first impression to someone who tries the engine.

Gotcha! Thanks for the extra details.

Look at this particle emitter then turn 180 degree away…wait a second then make a fast rotation back to it.

I can confirm that also on 1.8 there is a visible stutter.

Hey @Gamely, can you give me some more info on where you are seeing this?

I don’t know if it can help,but switching on Remain while visible in the particle system editor in the particle attribute menu turns off the stuttering.

This attribute even if seems unrelated at first , as it just makes the particle die only if not viewed by any viewport, actually fix the stuttering.

Interesting. Thanks for updating this.