[Suggestion]​Assisted Bug testing and Reporting.

A tool that can help people to do meaningfull tests on bugs and standardize the bug reporting procedure targeting both developers and the community.

It helps people of any skill level to make proper bug reports.

Virtual assistant that collect data(es parses various log and config files) , make tree based faq so the multiple options answer could be used to understand what to do and be shared so the report can be easely processable both by people and tools.

Questions could be also intertweened by contextual feedback ones so people can share hot opinions about the various aspects of the user experience.

The tool after collecting all the data suggests and applies changes to the engine configuration and gem versioning to isolate the bug in a user guided way(user validate any exaustively explained step) tool may also do backups launch builds and rebuilds.

It helps in making a minimum viable scene in an ad hoc project (assetsless using only provided assets or with the minimum number of assets needed to make the error pop).

It helps to make the bug happen reliably and trubleshooting when the editor doesn’t even start.

After all that makes a complete report + user notes and sends every meaningfull data to developers and or various serverside processes.

Data will contain a config file to setup the engine the same as the user had and also the scene if it makes sense and fit requirements and also user gems in binary format if the user approves and fit requirementslike size , license(the user may had licensed a gem it doesn’t have the right to share) , etc…

It also help to make a forum post with a selection of the most salient data nd maybe prepare a package for the user to upload for sharing on a personal space(s3?!?) and link in the post .

This is a fantastic idea. I have something similar in my community roadmap plans. Some great ideas in here! Thanks for all the great suggestions and ideas @Gamely!