[suggestion] create default nodes templates/patterns

Hi @Lumberyard_Research

If it is possible, Please keep the old material editor(legacy) and create the new node-base material editor based on compatibility with the old material editor.

If you still want to remove old material editor, please create default nodes templates/patterns that can quickly create 3D water nodes, clouds nodes, monitor nodes, blood/bullet decal nodes , etc.

Default nodes templates/patterns can be great for novice/beginner users and allow them to quickly connect to the two-way with LY engine, which also makes the LY engine user-friendly.

This can also be the case for tools such as particles node system, and prefabricated pattern/template like fire node particle, flame node particle, waterfall/water splash node particle, explosion node particle, etc.

Having a catalog based on searching for default node patterns can be great :bulb:

Thank you so much for your great work :rose::slightly_smiling_face::pray:t2:


Hi @_AhmadKarami - it sounds like you are suggesting that a searchable ‘template library’ would be valuable, especially if we add new node based tools like a new material editor? And you’d like easy access to pre-existing example templates for common use cases.

These are great ideas. Although no-code node based tools are great, they can still be difficult to learn and fully understand for beginners. Templates would help make it easy for people to get started and also learn how the system works.

We will keep this suggestion in mind, and it is great to receive valuable feedback from customers like you on how we can continue to improve Lumberyard.


@Hogjonny_LY Thank you very much for your explanation
Sure, I will inform you of any idea that comes to my mind
:slightly_smiling_face: :rose: :pray: