Suggestion - create frameworks to facilitate easier development of various game types

We’ve started using an interesting product to accelerate development. It’s for another engine, and I’m not schilling for it here, but I think the idea is one that Lumberyard could consider adopting.

Essentially, the project provides a C++ framework, which is exposed to the visual scripting system, that provides the basis for creating an RPG. It’s like having a higher-level, more dedicated framework, that sits on top of the raw engine. Here are the docs, which give a better illustration of the project.

It occurred to me that Lumberyard could do something similar to add value to the engine - create similar frameworks that facilitate the rapid development of various styles of game, reducing the programming cost for developers.

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Hi @Zaphod_Beeblebrox,

Thanks for the suggestion! Who doesn’t love a good RPG?

We certainly we do! I’m just thinking out loud, really, but I wasn’t just considering RPGs. I was also thinking about the Starter Game, which I hear is being brought up to date. It occurred to me that a similar approach could be taken, of creating a framework upon which the Starter Game itself is built, in the same way that this guy provides the framework, and a demo game built on top of it. When one has learned from the demo, one goes back to the base framework, without the actual game content, and makes use of everything the framework provides.

So, in this case, we might have a Starter Game Framework distinct from the Starter Game content, and the framework becomes more generally useful for that style of game.