Suggestion to combine tutorial videos

Just a small suggestion: I’d like to have the option to view a 15-20 minute long tutorial instead of having to continually watch 2-5 minute tutorials. Perhaps 5 relevant existing tutorials combined. Thanks Heeps! Looking forward to developing some fun games :slight_smile:

Hi @DrDougels and thanks for the feedback.

I understand the desire to press play once and site back to just watch everything at once.

We had made the decision to create smaller “bite-sized” tutorials that will allow a user to come back to a specific tutorial and watch just what they wanted, getting to the info quickly opposed to having to scrub through a longer video.

With that said it doesn’t truly address your feedback. As we grow our video tutorial library, we will utilize playlists like we have on our YouTube channel which allow you to press a “Play All” button and watch all the tutorials of a specific topic at once.

Please checkout our YouTube channel’s selection of playlists to see if that addresses your needs. If not, please reply to let me know what playlists you would like to see and we’ll see if we can make those.