Support for streaming big maps

I apologize, that was a typo on my part and the max map size is 4**.096km x 4.**096km. I forgot the ‘.’ in my numbers.

I apologize, that was a typo on my part. That, should be 4**.096km x 4.096km. I forgot the '.**’ in my values.

wait excuse me did you say 4000 KM? am I reading that right? 4096km x 4096km? not 4km? I guess you missed the decimal point?

How can anyone make a multiplayer game with 4km x 4km map size?

You have the same limitations as cry engine vanilla.

Whats the point of having an engine with a focus on multiplayer and including it in your marketing spiel, if your engine is only good for FPS shooters and single player games. That is really confusing.

“You can use it to host many different types of shared, connected, regularly-synchronized games including first-person shooters, survival & sandbox games, racing games, sports games, and MOBA (multiplayer Online Battlefield Arena) games.”

GTA san andreas came out 2004 and had a bigger map than currently available in lumberjack.

I think that only works in single player.

Hey mate.

16 km squares is quite large. I don’t know what type of game you want to make but as an example

Skyrim “World Map” , you know, the whole Skyrim world, is around 14,8 km squares. Here

Warfare that uses CryEngine, which is a Wargaming MMO has 15 vs 15 PvP matches all the time. By the way this means 30 tanks duking it out.

Even aircraft wargaming games or simulators I know (such as Ace COmbat series) actually has very normal sizes.

I hope that helps.


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Skyrim is actually 23.81829 KM Squared and 14.8Miles Squared.

Skyrim is also a single player game and is backed by a commercial game developer and publishing company.

Armored Warfare is not an open world game mmo, it is more like counterstrike, where player face off on a map 10 v 10.

I’m not sure which Ace combat your refering to but a quick google search revealed the map on

ace combat 6 to be100km x 100km.

Please tell me again how 16km sqaured is enough for an open world mmo or even a survivial game like dayz, its not.

All those games you listed are backed by a commercial game developer and publishing company, and also 2 of them are single player. The only one that is multiplayer has rediculously small maps, and the players regularly complain about it.

Also Unreal has 20km x 20km map by default for multiplayer and single player maps can be practically infinite.

Jason, any chance of a reply to my original question?

A year ago, there was talk about the segmented World to create huge maps, but the technology was never shown

What are you talking about?

First of all, Archage bought full license to cryengie 2 and 3.

They either rewrote the engine to support large worlds or they used Segmented worlds which is available to full licence owners of cry engine 3, not lumberjack.

So you are expecting, indie developers to rewrite and engine that is already basically a rewrite of an existing engine just so that it has what I would term, (normal size maps), at least on par with unity and unreal.

You are not a game developer are you?

The engine should be more than capable of doing what you need with some modification. The ArcheAge MMO game is also built on CryEngine as is Lumberyard.

Because you must by a full license to Cryengine 3 and even then Im not sure you will be able to licence segmented worlds and I am almost certain you will have many problems incorporating it into lumberjack.

Layer streaming is, I assume, supported, Cryengine - Layer Streaming Docs

This isn’t a drag and drop editor. You’re going to need a development team.

@Jason 4km multiplayer map is very small, I’m interested in using this engine but if that is the limitation then I’m not going to even bother. This engine’s goal was to give developer’s an easy way to implement multiplayer and “mmo ready features” but you guys really didn’t think it would be a good idea to support multiplayer maps bigger than 4km?

Layer streaming unfortunately just helps performance, but doesn’t actually stream in/out from the hard disk. So if you make a huge world, it’ll perform well, but will consume an unholy amount of RAM.

Segmented worlds was an old feature developed mostly for Star Citizen, but they’ve since taken it and made it work. Cryengine never actually released it to the public, and all indicators point towards it being dead. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lumberyard comes up with their own solution in the future.

OLD thread but I just found, looking for more info on huge ( or at least Large)( MMO worlds, ala UE4, bc that is precisely what I need as well…

Those docs show it to be unstable and I see no updated comments to dispute that.

No doubt star citizen and others are working with LY and maybe altering that code .

Be nice to get an official comment from LY devs as to what the status is.

Being limited to small ‘levels’ isn’t very attractive , nor likely to get much notice or a willingness for revenue, but

2d is an entirely different thing.

Ya, you can make worlds like the old now, neverwinter nights 2 game , or similar, did, where each level has a ‘transport’ pad to next area /level,gimicky but hey its all about altering belif :wink:

It has been a long time since the creation of this post as a consequence of this, I want to ask if it is possible to work with large terrane sizes? I’m working on a giant 4k map right now. And I found a problem that after creating using the height map, the FPS drops too much. Is it possible to keep the FPS at a good level? It also requires the ability to create more than one landscape for creating truly gigantic scenes. GTA 5 as an example. Will the ability to create two, three or more terrains be added in the future using a height map? This is really necessary for us.

Another question is whether it is planned to improve the streaming of terrain, whether it is planned to improve it.
I also found a similar theme