Surprise, an envelope full of terrible bugs in Script Canvas

Hi LY Team,
I using amazon lumberyard since 2016 , I found at least six bugs in script canvas 1.19.

While they are divided into two groups: angle parameters and number parameters.
Why do all nodes have angle parameters?!!

I tried a lot , The result of these six nodes for degrees is quite wrong. :sob: :sob:
Are you sure you used the Taylor and MacLaurin expansion right? :wink:
Or the default trigonometry tables? :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess in the library the trigonometric ratios of the other nodes also need to be corrected and fixed , Of course I’m waiting for 1.23 and currently using 1.19.

please fix the bugs
thank you :pray:

Ahmad Karami
a computer teacher / a solo developer/ a gameplay programmer / a test engineer

Thanks for the feedback. I have let the Script Canvas team know and I’m seeing if these issues have been fixed in the current version 1.22.

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You’re welcome, thank you so much, GREAT, also I found a lot bugs in script canvas 1.19, I try send all bugs report of script canvas 1.19+ 1.23 , Currently, during a major my project until the summer of 2020, I want start with script canvas 1.23 Very seriously, I hope to finish my project successfully, I suggest to ly team , make a big great + open world game with only script canvas ,This can be a big challenge, and if ly team succeed, it is the seventh strategy I have suggested to ly team since year 2016.

I see exist all bugs this topic in ly 1.23

I see exist all bugs this topic in ly 1.23…

Sorry, I was hoping that some of this would be fixed .

I’ve let the script canvas team know so they are aware (I know they fixed some math related issues for 1.23 and there is going to be a further sweep of math bugs very soon).

As to the issues you reported:

  • Some of the nodes are mis-named and should say “number” instead of “angle” but I believe its just a labeling error, not functional (annoying though)
  • The Angle fields are looking to take something in Radians, not Degrees (which appears to be a documentation issue, also annoying).

As Lumberyard is source available if you find more issues and want to contribute you can send fixes via pull requests at

Hopefully these issues can get fixed asap.

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