Switch From Unreal Engine 4 to Lumberyard ,how to go about it?

I know unreal engine 4 and unity fairly well but when I stumbled upon lumberyard I thought of giving it a try but when editor launched I found myself scratching my head Like clicking on fbx file doesn’t open animation editor and stuff. I am really into Lumberyard so would like to ask the best resources to learn lumberyard and its API.Thanx

Theses tutorials can help https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEHxPR3uLODasO_XdZIplXw

And these are the documented tutorials for lumberyard : https://gamedev.amazon.com/forums/tutorials

Thankx for replying ;but it seems like the videoes are really old like 2 years old.so my question is are they still relevant.

Thank for replying, the link was of great use. If you know any other links please let me know.