Target platform "win_x64" not supported.


I am trying to make a new project, and have done “lmbr_waf configure” and it completes, but skips lots of the modules.

I ignore it, and continue with “lmbr_waf build_win_x64_profile -p all --progress” which gives me the error, “[ERROR] - Target platform “win_x64” not supported. [on host platform: win32]” Help would be appreciated,

Thanks in advance.


lmbr_waf build_win32_profile -p all --progress

Also you might wanna check if your processor is 32 bit.
If you are having a 64 bit processor but having a 32 bit OS installed, you are not using your processor to its fullest.

Forget my last post.
You won’t be able to build on your system.

Read here why:

Windows in the 64 bit version is required. I did not find any spec for 32bit either.
Sorry for not having a better response.


Oh and also, to not skip so many modules you can also type in the cmd prompt while you are in the dev folder:

Bin64\SetupAssistantBatch.exe --none --enablecapability compilegame --enablecapability compileLumberyard --enablecapability compilesandbox

Then it should compile the other stuff aswell. Also you could start the SetupAssistant.bat outside of the dev folder and change the settings there in an UI.


Thanks for your help:)

As you can see the setup assistant detects everything fine. And when i use lmbr_waf the only remarkable thing seems to be “Unable to find Visual Studio 2013 for win_x64, removing build target”.

I am using visual studio 2013 and it works fine. It is not installed in the 3rdParty folder.
There is also a broken version of vs2015 on my pc.

Thanks for your reply:)

I tried it, but i always get an invalid command error. I also tried it with vs2013 which is more logical , but same result


Hey :slight_smile: I’ve got the same issue when using “lmbr_waf build_win_x64_profile -p all --progress” - command .

But i am definitly using an 64 bit os (Win 10) and a 64 bit supporting processor ( i5 3570k)

So what am i doing wronh ? :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I also tried to use :
“lmbr_waf build_win32_profile -p all --progress”
, but then i get the following Error:

“[ERROR] Invalid build command: ‘build_win32_profile’. Type in ‘Tools\Python\1.7.11\windows\python.exe ./Code/Tools/waf-1.7.13/lmbr_waf --help’ for more information”

When i change 1.7.11 to 2.7.11 it give s me an help page with tons of commands but i don’t know how it should help me ?-)

You might try lmbr_waf configure and see if it finds any missing components. Also, you might try rerunning Setup Assistant to make sure all the plugins and required SDKs are installed.

i had the same problem, the documentation does not say it but you should try to run with:


if your using visual studio 2015 instead of


hope that helps

That’s very odd, but I am glad you were able to get it working.

Which build are you using? 1.8, 1.7, … As things have changed over times in terms of the build parameters.

I suggest typing lmbr_waf.bat --help to see what the build optins are with your version. Also please use the supplied version of waf as this is the one that has been tested internally.

I reinstalled everything and now it is working …

at the beginning i used version 1.7.x. now i am using 1.8. and its working fine.