Team Member Profile

Hello Lumbernauts!

For this month’s Dev Diary, I would like to introduce Tom Hulton-Harrop, our Senior Software Engineer on the Lumberyard team! See below for his Dev Diary.

Hello there! My name’s Tom and I’m a senior software engineer working on Amazon Lumberyard. I’ve been helping develop Lumberyard for the last four years and have been fortunate enough to work with a ton of exceptionally talented, smart and creative individuals. I feel incredibly lucky that I get to spend my days constantly learning and doing something I truly enjoy.

I got my start in the industry as a gameplay/AI programmer at Criterion Games working on the Need for Speed series and after stints at Ghost Games, Fireproof Games and a start-up, I landed at Amazon.

In my day to day, I’m primarily focused on improving the Lumberyard Editor. I stumbled into it without realizing what I was getting myself into but wound up discovering it’s an enormously interesting, challenging and rewarding area. I found I enjoy writing code developers use as much as the features that users interact with. There’s nothing quite like designing a clear, powerful and flexible API (one day I hope to achieve all three!). I’ve had a hand in Manipulators, Component Mode, the White Box Tool and the new Viewport Interaction Model. I look forward to sharing more about them in upcoming posts.

I’m a big programming languages nerd (I love discovering and playing around with new languages, such as Rust, Zig and V to name a few!) I still have a soft spot for C++ (warts ‘n’ all) and have a pretty active [GitHub] account with lots of random hobby projects (most involving CMake).

I’m excited about the next chapter in Lumberyard’s development and know it’s going to be even more successful with the input and contributions of a thriving community. We would love to hear what’s most important to you and where you want to see things go. Thanks for your attention and I look forward to working with you in future!