TerminateGameSession api question


I have a question about using the TerminateGameSession API
I’m using the unreal gamelift plugin.

I have run the TerminateGameSession API, but the session remains active for a while and then exits.

work flow

  1. creategamesession

  2. searchGameSessions -> Gamesession : ACTIVE

  3. TerminateGameSession call -> result success

  4. searchGameSessions -> Gamesession : ACTIVE <- why??

  5. 1 sec later

  6. searchGameSessions -> Gamesession : TERMINAT

Why is the active state left?

When you call TerminateGameSession, the session is marked as Terminated immediately. However search game session caches require refreshing, so you are seeing the artifacts of caching here.

Could you let us know what the impact of this on your use case? I assume you are trying to self manage game sessions, but would like more details.

The Gamelift team can then evaluate what the next steps could be.

My game is a game where the user selects one from the room list and presses the Join button.

However, after the game is over, I receive a new room list, and the finished room is still displayed.

The user should see a list of rooms that have already been closed.

How do I fix this?