Terrain move tool

Terrain move tool in latest 1.18 release can’t be enlarged beyond ‘99’ units. That is based on the user interface of the move tool,I typed in the field showing ‘99’, and when I try to increase to 150, it force ‘15’.

I also tried to increase size of move tool object through the top UI of editor ( scale tool obviously), but that has no effect on size of ‘source’ move tool object.

Is this the way it is, or is it going to be revisited in future release so its big enough to move bigger sections of terrain ? Not everyones terrains are tiny , so I"m a tad surprised they limted the size the move tool ‘source’ could be to such a ridiculously small amount :wink:



It is called terrain move area, yes, but it is also a ‘tool’ to make ones life easier when designing, and you ** later want to alter :L)

So ya, that, as indicated in your image, I see no way to enlarge it-why it would be so limited with todays rigs that can handle nearly anything, it makes little sense. I hope I’m missing something–see * .

Ty so much for your assistance .


Good morning, I am not familiar with the terrain move tool. Do you mean the Move Area option in the terrain tools:



It doesn’t go past 99 for me either. Did it ever go past this value for you?


Not that I recall, but then I’ve only been using sculpting tools up to this point,so I"m not the one to ask, sorry.

nice if there was no limit, just ones computer capabilities. This limit
is countering my design wishes, not good , given my computer is more than capable of handling it.

I wonder if it was a random limit set or was there some reason they went with 99 ?

can show you ue4 non limit if need be ( if it matters), but essentially
you ‘paint’, as much as you want ( or as computer will allow, blah) the
areas of terrain you want to copy, then paste .

That’s why the ‘99’ limit is odd , not that LY is under any pressure to remove that cap, but it certainly doesn’t do anything to remove hurdles to design.