Terrain texture layers and vegetation - bug report

If I have materials that are similar in name, for example “ground037” and “ground012” then it seems to give up and just apply “ground037” to every layer with a similar name. By this I mean that every time I opened the terrain texture layers tool it would show my layers with “ground037” texture even though I assigned the one below it “ground012.” Very odd thing for it to do.

There’s a bug in the vegetation tool in the roll up bar. The “use terrain layers” doesn’t properly display the layers outlined in terrtain texture layers. I see “New Layer1” and another “New Layer1” in that tool while my layer names are “grass” and “mud.” Mud layer doesn’t even display. It seems only the first layer is displaying at all.

@wcb thanks for the report, I’ve sent in a ticket to let the dev team know.

Thanks for the information, we’ve got these bugs in our backlog and will work to get to them!